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For photographers, aspiring photographers or those who want to feel more confident behind the lens.

Professional EDUCATor

background & approach

in 2016 I received a Master's in Education. Rather than go into teaching, I found myself on the entrepreneur route and founded this business instead. My passion for educating still moves me and I love instructing individuals on the art of photography and how to set up a sustainable business model.  

As an instructor in various subjects for over 15 years, I thoroughly understand how to meet you where you're at. Teaching is an art form and having a professional with training matters.



Understanding LIght & Composition

From the nuances of lighting, to forming a  solid composition, you'll leave with an in-depth understanding of photography as an artform.

HOW TO NAVIGATE camera settings

Every camera has different settings, but there a few golden rules to follow in order to set up and execute that perfect shot.

A sustainable buisness practice

When I say sustainable, I mean avoiding burnout and creating a thriving business with streamlined practices and achievable goals.


this different

Investing in education is an integral part of growth as a business and as an artist. As a professional educator and a forever learner myself, I understand the value you expect to receive and the vulnerability that comes with treading new ground. I offer one-on-one mentoring and hands-on experiences to ensure the  ability to grasp concepts and use them to further your goals. 

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