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Alli & Justin – Spring 2020 Intimate Backyard Wedding


My baby sister, my best friend. Alli, helping you plan your wedding and being your photographer was one of the joys of my life.

Due to the unpredictable circumstances of last year, Alli and Justin had a little over two weeks to replan their entire wedding. With their venue closed, we decided to move the ceremony to my backyard and the reception to my living room. The week before her wedding was so fun. We spent hours shopping and laughing as we tried to figure out how to turn my home into her dream venue.

We had talked about her wedding for so, so many years, but I couldn’t have imagined how beautiful and unique it would be! Despite the odds, Alli and Justin are such an amazing team that everything just fell right into place. If ever there were two people made for each other, it is most definitely them. They are currently living life on the road in a sprinter van that they have converted to a tiny home. A video of their wedding can be found on their YouTube channel here!

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