Chelsea & Corey – Folklore and Evermore Inspired Winter Engagement Session

February 12, 2021


St. Louis isn’t known for lush pine tree forests, the likes of which one would find in the Pacific Northwest. However, there’s one magical patch on the outskirts of the city that seemingly transports you from midwestern fields to Northwestern forests. Due to the virus, Chelsea and Corey originally had to reschedule their wedding from 2020 to 2021, and because it would have been well over a year since their first engagement session, we decided to do another one, so we could keep in touch. We knew this was the perfect spot for a winter engagement session, and so we braved the chill and half-frozen mud for these portraits. These two are so easy in front of a lens! Their love and genuine happiness is infectious and our laughter echoed through the trees. They chose to wear chic, matching coats, and the neutral tone combined with the misty, overcast day gave this session serious Taylor Swift Folklore/Evermore vibes. Chelsea (and I!) love Taylor Swift, so this ended up being the most perfect coincidence.


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