Lexi & Ash – Rainy Day Engagement in Lafayette

February 6, 2023


‘90% chance of rain in the forecast’ is one of the most stressful phrases that a couple can hear as their big day approaches. Sometimes things are out of our control and whether you have rain on the actual wedding or for your engagement photos, there are strategies we can do to make the most of it. Lexie and Ash currently live out-of-town, so when they flew in for a visit last spring, we had no choice but to have a rainy engagement session and to say I am obsessed with these photos is an understatement! It also reminded me of some of the tips I’ve been dying to tell my couples:

Location, location!
This first one might seem obvious, but location is KEY when it comes to avoiding the rain. If you have an outdoor ceremony, be prepared to move it inside and make sure that you love this option just as much as the outdoor space. The last thing you want is to have your dream ceremony become an afterthought. Communicate with your venue in depth about how the setup will look. Often, the reception space will double as the indoor backup, which is great! But be sure that any tables that need disguising is done tactfully, because I am sure you don’t want a hurriedly placed white curtain in the back of all your ‘coming down the aisle’ photos.

For bridal portraits, a covered location is often the best choice. Your photographer will know where to go and these options should be communicated well before the wedding day!

For the love of hair
This tip is something that might be a bit controversial, but I’m going to recommend it regardless: don’t be afraid to change your hair and makeup plans to fit the weather! If it’s incredibly rainy, windy, or just so hot that you’re afraid that your hair might stick to your forehead if you wear it down? Why not change it to an updo! This is another thing you can plan ahead of time with your HMUA.

But what if you can’t imagine not having your hair down? Then be sure to prep your hair for whatever Mother Nature might throw at it, whether it’s humidity-control hairspray or bringing along some hot-tools to do touch-ups throughout the day!

Add a little bit of spice
We LOVE a good accessory! If you want to create some magic in the rain, clear umbrellas are a must! As your photographer, I will always bring enough clear umbrellas for you and your bridal party, so this is one less thing you need to worry about. Other accessories that make rainy photos more fun include his-and-her rain boots, waterproof jackets (especially if it’s chilly out!), or cozy throws that you can wrap around each other.

Leave it to the professionals
This goes without saying, but hiring a professional, experienced photographer is a must. I’ve been to weddings where there was only a two percent chance of rain and it still downpoured. Being prepared and having my rain gear on me regardless makes all the difference in situations like that.

Most of all, you want someone who understands light, where to find it when the sun is covered, and how to create it when the weather is so bad that indoor portraits are your only option. Being able to trust that your photographer is getting ‘the shot’ is one of the keys to creating a stress-free environment which leads to…

Create those memories
At the end of the day, you will be left with your memories. Embrace and cherish whatever weather situation comes your way and have fun with it. Don’t be afraid to have rain-gear or umbrellas in your portraits. Often, it’s these little details that set your day apart and make it even more special. If you want portraits dancing in the rain, by all means, dance in the rain! If you want some moody shots indoors instead, we can make that happen! Your wedding day is a joyous celebration and by preparing ahead of time, you can relax and focus all your love and attention on those who matter most.

Ok, enough writing and more photos! Here’s a recap of Lexi and Ash’s engagement. It was quite dark on this day with short sprinkles of rain throughout. We found small patches of light and used what little reflection was coming off the pavement to create absolute magic!


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